'Sims 4' Free For iOS? iPhones, iPads Get 'SimCity BuildIt'

SimCity BuildIt is finally available on the App Store worldwide

Best iOS Apps & Games of 2014: ‘Elevate,’ ‘Threes’ Top Apple List

It's only now that Apple has released its official roster for 2014. Let the mass App Store downloading begin.

'Candy Crush Saga' Seque for Android & iOS Released

Can't get enough of the "Candy Crush Saga"? Then get ready for this new treat.

iOS Virus 2014: 5 'WireLurker' Malware Protection Tips

"WireLurker" has reportedly ushered a new era of malware for Apple's iOS and OS X but its infections are confined only to China at the moment. A research paper gives tips on how to prevent it from invading Apple's mobile devices.

How to Use Facebook's New App 'Rooms'

Top online social networking site Facebook has launched a new app that allows iOS users interact anonymously.

'NBA 2K15' for Android & iOS 8 Released: Download Here

Nine days after its official release on console platforms, "NBA 2K15" has been made available for Android and iOS on October 16. Gamers can now play the game anytime, anywhere, even if they're on-the-go because it's now available on handheld devices.

Skype Qik Video 42-second Clips Self Destruct

Famous video chat and voice calls provider, Skype, launched a new kind of video messaging app on Tuesday -- the Skype Qik.

iOS 8 Best Games, Chat & Photo Applications to Download

Downloading the apps for your new iPhone 6 or for your iPad? Here are some of the most downloaded apps on App Store this week you definitely need to check:

iPhone 6 Battery Life: Drain Fix Tricks & Tips

Having problems with your iPhone's battery? Many users may attest that iPhone's battery life is among the major flaws of one of the world's famous phones. While users continue to expect a lot from Apple and consider the battery life one of the most important features a smartphone must possess, the company has continuously left the issue hanging.

iPad Pro Release Date & Specs: OS X & iOS to Ship With Tablet?

One week before Apple's iPad Event, speculations in the global tech community are rife that the company will be unveiling its new line of iPads equipped with the OS X operating system, in addition to the iOS.

iOS 8 Features: Top 5 Hidden Details Revealed

Apple's iOS 8 is fast becoming the toast of today's mobile phone users given its splendid performance and usability. It also has features that are not easy to find. Here are the top 5 in terms of usability and user preference.

iOS 8 Apps: Best Games on App Store

Enter a new gaming dimension through this enhanced games that come with Apple's latest iOS 8.

iOS 8 How-to Guide: Where to Download, Storage Requirements, Continuity Features & More

Dubbed as the biggest iOS release ever, Apple has made the iOS 8 available on Wednesday for iPhone 4s and up, fifth-generation iPod Touch, and all iPads from the second-generation.

iPhone 6 Release Date Delayed? Screen Specs Not Enough for Demand

Due to Apple's meticulous screen preferences for the iPhone 6, suppliers are now rushing to meet targets to avoid delays or limitation of initial releases.

iOS 8 Beta Released with New Features; Jailbreak Arriving Soon?

Even as iOS 8 beta 5 is released by Apple, the improved security in iOS 7 is leaving the public wondering if a jailbreak can be developed
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