Obama pide al Congreso autorizar fuerza militar en contra de ISIS

President Obama's Immigration Message to Latino Community: History is On Our Side

President Obama met with South Florida's bilingual community on Wednesday, easing concerns about House Republicans' efforts to undermine his executive order on immigration.
President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Three Ways the Republican State of the Union Response Failed Latinos

In response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech, Republicans omitted Latinos from their English-speaking response.

Lawmakers Speak To Undocumented Asian Immigrant Community About Driver’s Licenses

Over one million undocumented immigrants will apply for driver's licenses this year. Many will come from Asian and Pacific Islander communities.
High School

Immigration Update – A look at the Citizenship Test Arizona Students Must Pass to Graduate High School

A law the Arizona house and senate approved last week requiring high school students to pass a citizenship test has drawn criticism for it similarities to tests black voters were given decades ago.
Presidente Barack Obama

Obama, Republicans Prepare for This Week’s Immigration Battle – 3 Things You Need to Know

Last week's attack on a satirical French newspaper highlight the impact of immigration reform and how another government shutdown would leave both the GOP and President Obama in an unfavorable light.
Immigration Reform Protest

Immigration Reform News 2014: Activists Pressure Obama for Immigration Reform in Washington

At least 80 activists in favor of immigration reform in the United States restarted their protests at the U.S. Congress to demand that President Barack Obama approves immigration legislation to open a way to legalization for the more than 10 million undocumented immigrants in the country.

Immigration Reform News 2014: 'Trust Act' Promoted to Stop Deportations in Arizona

Arizona is one of the U.S. states that has fought the most against illegal immigration in recent years, even at the expense of legislation which have been harshly criticized, such as the controversial SB-1070 law in 2010, which was finally suspended for violating the civil rights of immigrants in the United States.

Immigration Reform News 2014: 750 Detained Immigrants Start Hunger Strike in Washington

At least 750 people still in an immigrant detention center in Washington have said they are in a hunger strike to protest the treatment they receive and to ask for the end of deportations in the U.S.

US Supreme Court Rejects Anti Immigrant Ordinances in Hazleton and Farmers Branch

In a symbolic victory for the undocumented immigrant community residing in the United States, the country's Supreme Court refused to listen to appeals on two ordinances against illegal immigrants in Pennsylvania and a Dallas suburb.

Arizona Approves Law that Might Give the Death Penalty to Traffickers of Undocumented Immigrants: Report

The state of Arizona in the U.S. will once more toughen its penalties against illegal immigration, this time with a measure that considers the trafficking of undocumented immigrants as a crime eligible for the death penalty in the state.
Latino Children

Thousands of Latino Children Write Letters to the US Congress to Stop Deportations and Approve the Immigration Reform

On these Holidays, as most children prepare to write their letters to Santa, thousands of children in the United States have joined a campaign to stop the deportation of immigrants and create raise awareness in the federal governement to prevent hundreds of families from being separated.
Immigration Reform

2014 Immigration Reform News: US Chamber of Commerce Insists on Reform Approval in 2014

Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce said that immigration reform is one of the main issues to solve in 2014 with society's support.

Undocumented Immigrant Trafficking Network Dismantled in Houston

An undocumented immigrant trafficking networks was dismantled in Houston on Thursday, Jan. 30, reported local media.
Pope Francis

Chicago Latinos Will Ask Pope Francis to Intercede In Favor of Immigrants in the US

Latino religious and commercial groups from Chicago will meet with Pope Francis in the Vatican next June, in what is expected will be a meeting where His Holiness will be asked to intercede in favor of illegal immigrants in the US.
Undocumented Immigrants

Number of Undocumented Immigrants Arrested in US Decreased by 23% Between 2012 and 2013

Although the biggest fear for undocumented immigrants living in the US is still deportation, data obtained by the Department of Homeland Security revealed that the number of undocumented immigrants arrested in the US decreased by 23 percent between early 2012 and August, 2013.
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