Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton calls President Obama’s immigration reform policy too harsh, says she wouldn’t break up families [WATCH]

The presidential front-runner sat down for an exclusive interview with Telemundo, critcizing President Obama's immigration reform efforts and detailing how her would be different.
Pope Francis Addresses Joint Meeting Of U.S. Congress

Pope Francis addresses Congress: Controversial quotes on immigration, religion, and climate change from Francis’ speech

Pope Francis brought Republicans and Democrats lawmakers to their feet during his speech to Congress, a surprise given partisan support each side has for issues the pope addressed.
Vigil Held In South Florida In Favor Of Administrative Relief For Immigrants

Study finds U.S. immigrant population topped 42 million in 2014, largest percentage increase came from Middle East

Mexicans still make up the largest immigrant population in the United States, but the largest percentage of new immigrants came from Middle Eastern countries like Saudia Arabia and Iraq.
Leading Conservatives, Presidential Candidates Speak At CPAC Gathering

Ann Coulter gets immigration lesson from PBS host Tavis Smiley [WATCH]

The liberal talk show host questioned Coulter about claims made in her recenlty release book, including one that implies black communities would be better off if immigration problems didn't exist in the U.S.
Conservatives Gather For Annual CPAC Convention

Sarah Palin tells CNN immigrants should learn to ‘speak American’ [WATCH]

The former vice presidential candidate said undocumented immigrants need to be here legally "or you're out of here," adding that "the economy still sucks" under President Obama.
Vanessa Ruiz 12 News Phoenix

Latina News Anchor Upsets Arizona Viewers by Pronouncing Spanish Words Correctly, Says She Meant No Disrespect

Viewers of Arizona's NBC affiliate are upset with Vanessa Ruiz for the Spanish twist she puts on certain words, though many point out she is pronouncing the words as they're supposed to be said.
Anderson Cooper 360

Jorge Ramos to Anderson Cooper: ‘This is not Donald Trump’s country, this is our country,’ says he is creating backlash for Latinos [WATCH]

Ramos defended his journalistic standards by urging reporters to "go the extra mile" in standing up to Trump and others in power.
Bill O'Reilly Talking Points

Watch: Bill O’Reilly says Jorge Ramos is a ‘zealot, advancing far-left positions that most Americans reject’

The Fox News host chided Ramos for his pro-immigration reform stance and compared it to the Black Lives Matters movement.
Detengan la construcción del muro que divide Argentina y Paraguay

Argentina and Paraguay build wall that stops immigration, petition compares it to Donald Trump’s proposal

Petiton creator Daniel Prino claims Paraguay and Argentina governments built a wall along Rio Paraná after hearing Trump make a similar proposal for the U.S.-Mexico border.
Vigil Held In South Florida In Favor Of Administrative Relief For Immigrants

Iowa radio host says solution to illegal immigration is slavery

Among hypothetical plans laid out by conservative radio host Jan Mickelson are tent cities for undocumented immigants and a forced labor program where they would build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border.
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Tours U.S. Border In Texas

Donald Trump still leads national polls despite plan to deport all undocumented immigrants

They may not agree with him, but Republican presidential candidates must tread lightly drawing Donald Trump's supporters, especially when speaking about illegal immigration.
California Central Valley Farming Communities Struggle With Drought

Immigration reform news 2015 – Struggling U.S. farmers are paying Mexican laborers up to $17 an hour

Increased border security and the 2008 recession led many Hispanic laborers to leave farm jobs, leaving farmers struggling to make ends meet.
US Election 2014

Immigration reform 2015 news – Study finds Latino voters in Texas were discouraged from voting despite carrying valid ID

A study found that 12.8 percent of minority Texas voters didn't think they had proper voting ID, yet further inquiries found this number to be significantly lower.
Jeb Bush Announces Candidacy For President

Immigration reform news 2015 –Jeb Bush tells Telemundo he would create pathway to legal status although with conditions

The Republican presidential candidate, who staunchly opposes granting citizenship to undocumented immigrants, said he would ensure some 11 million people recieved legal status if he were elected president.
Border Patrol

Mexican Migration to U.S. Down 57 percent

University demographers found a weak U.S. construction job market to be one of many reasons immigrants aren't crossing the border in record numbers anymore.
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