Human Brain
The Persistence of Memory

Researchers Identify Where, in Brain, Imagination Comes From

Researchers at Dartmouth believe they're unlocking the key to understanding imagination, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences.
The Human Brain

New Study Shows That Unique Brain Structures Found In Humans Differ From Ancestral Primates Due To Evolution

New research shows that the human brain is more unique than we think. In a recent study, scientists found that humans have at least two functional networks within their cerebral cortex that does not exist in rhesus monkeys, the primate ancestor to humans.
Human Brain

Scientists 'Program' Human Brain Capable of Recognizing Patterns Better Than Monkeys

The human brain is complex, but scientists at the University of Waterloo are making significant strides in "programming" a human brain, according to a study published in the Journal Science.

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