Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

Genetics-Based Weight Loss Management May be the Future of Dieting

A new research determined the genetic factors which are associated with weight loss and gain. Thus, the researchers hope that the results can help in the creation of genetic-based weight management treatment for individuals.

Zebrafish Genome Shows Medically-Useful Similarities To The Human Sequence

When one thinks of animals related to our species, apes usually spring to mind: chimps, orangutans, bonabos, the usual. What about a zerbrafish, however? Scientists have developed a genome sequence for the tiny swimmer, and it seems that there are some remarkable similarities between the fish's DNA and our own .

EDAR Gene Mutation From East Asia Gives Some Of Us Thicker Hair And More Sweat Glands

While many among our seven billion choose to bicker and argue about tiny differences between one fellow human being and another, the fact remains that we are the same species, and are, in fact, more like each other than anything else on this planet. Enter a new study from Harvard scientists, who have determined that a single gene mutation out of China is responsible for thick hair and a different set up of teeth.

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