feathered dinosaurs

Archaeopteryx, The First Dinobird, Had Colored Feathers, X-rays Show

A detailed X-ray analysis of Archaeopteryx, an important dinosaur-bird hybrid linking the two, shows that the oldest-known bird actually sported a varied plumage, and wasn't simply all black as previously thought.
Fossil Eggs

World's Oldest Bird Fossil Discovered in China, Links Dinosaurs to Modern Birds

A fossil of a new species of bird is the oldest ever found.

Dinosaurs Seduced Mates by 'Striking a Pose' with Tail Feathers

75 million years ago, a distant relative of the T-Rex and Velociraptor known as the oviraptor may have used its feathers to attract mates, much like modern birds such as the peacock and turkey.
Archaeopteryx lithographica

Modern Birds Likely Descended From Feathered Dinosaurs That Glided, New Study Reveals

A new study founds that modern birds evolved from feathered, non-avian dinosaurs that could glide but could not fly.

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