Articles by I-Hsien Sherwood

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Google Nexus 4: Google Edition S4 Offers A Compelling Alternative, But At a Price

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition with a stock Android operating system hits the U.S. market Jun. 26. But how does it compare to Google’s own, less expensive stock Android handset, the Nexus 4?

3D Printed Gun Files Now Available on The Pirate Bay BitTorrent Site

The Pirate Bay has become the new repository for the 3D-printed gun blueprints now banned in the United States.

Immigration Reform News 2013: Failure of Reform Bill Could Flip Texas for Democrats

The longer the Senate takes to pass the bipartisan immigration reform bill, the less likely it will make it past the more conservative House of Representatives. And while it’s too early to know whether all this effort will ultimately succeed, the consequences for failure will be devastating –- for the Republicans.

Stephen Colbert's Sister Could Be America's Next Congresswoman: Colbert Busch Has 9-Point Lead Over Mark Sanford in Latest Poll

Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch now leads her Republican opponent Mark Sanford by 9 points in the race for the House seat representing South Carolina, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling.

Boston Marathon Explosion Suspects Not Identified by Facial Recognition Software, Says Boston Police Chief

The killing and capture of the two brothers responsible for the bombings of the Boston Marathon last week were made possible through a combination of new technologies and old-fashioned detective work.

Gun Control Debate 2013: US Regulations Lax Compared to UK and Japan, Murder Rates Much Higher

As the Senate considers new gun control measures, it may be useful to examine the regulations in place in other countries around the world.

Immigration Reform News 2013: Latino Senator Marco Rubio Warns Against 'Haste' in Reform Process, Why the Change of Heart?

While the Senate seems to be moving steadily toward the release of a bipartisan immigration reform bill, one of its biggest proponents – Marco Rubio -- seems to be losing his nerve. But why?

T-Mobile 'Unleashed': Carrier Goes Contract-Free, Introduces iPhone 5 on April 12

As expected, T-Mobile announced today that it is jettisoning the traditional two-year contract structure used by the other major carriers and switching solely to contract-free wireless plans.

Obama Polls 2013: President's Advantage Over Republicans on the Economy Is Gone

President Obama has long enjoyed the confidence of the American public when it comes to the economy, at least when his ratings are compared to those of Congressional Republicans.

Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run Update: Clinton Officially Supports Same Sex Marriage in YouTube Announcement [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton has officially endorsed same-sex marriage in a video released on YouTube on Monday by the Human Rights Campaign, a leading American gay rights organization.

Hugo Chavez Succession: Venezuela Election 2013 Pits Socialist Old Guard Against Moderate Opposition

The death of President Hugo Chavez has rocked the small South American nation of Venezuela. Chavez was loved by his supporters, particularly by the poor, the military and indigenous peoples -- and vilified by his opponents, both in country and abroad.

Rand Paul Filibuster: 13 Hour Speech Draws Praise from Unlikely Sources, Support for 2016 Presidential Run (Full Video)

Rand Paul made headlines and won accolades from unlikely supporters on both the right and the left after a nearly 13-hour, old school filibuster.

Immigration Reform News 2013: Support for Reform Coming From Unexpected Sources

As both parties wrangle over immigration reform, proponents are gaining new allies, sometimes from unexpected sources.

Hugo Chavez Obituary: Dead at 58, But a Legacy That Will Echo for Years to Come

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has died, after a long bout with cancer. He was 58. Chavez was born in Barinas, Venezuela in 1954, the second son of working class schoolteachers

Immigration Reform News 2013: Jeb Bush Opposes Path to Citizenship in New Book Out This Week

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush seems to have changed his mind about a path to citizenship, according to advance copies of his book due out on Tuesday.
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