Samsung Galaxy S5

Video Shows How to Hack Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

It seems that the S5’s fingerprint sensor is far from hack-proof as a newly released video from SR Labs shows that the security feature of the device can actually be spoofed.
iPhone 6 mock-up

iPhone 6 Price Increases by $100 [Rumor]

Are you ready to shell out an additional $100 to get your hands on the new iPhone? Because according to insiders, the price of the upcoming smartphone might just increase.
Apple Logo

iPhone 6 Design Schematics Leaked [See Photos Here]

As anticipation for the new iPhone mounts, another set of leaked images of the alleged schematics of the iPhone 6 has hit the web.

Apple Places 65 Million Orders for iWatch

The smartwatch battle is on with new reports saying that Apple made 65 million orders for its highly talked about iWatch. It is expected to go full battle with other similar devices like the Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear 2 Fit.
Samsung adds smartphone anti-theft features

Samsung To Add Anti-Theft Security to Smartphones

In order to protect its users, Samsung has announced it will be putting in two additional security measures to its most recently released smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. This aims to curb mobile device theft.
WWDC 2014

Apple iOS 8 Release Date Set for June 2

The Apple iOS 8 is most likely to arrive this June, same day as when Apple will begin their annual Worldwide Developers Conference.
iPhone 6 mock-up

iPhone 6 Top Features to Watch Out for on June Launch

Hot news are spreading that the iPhone 6 release date will happen during the 2014 WWDC event of Apple. It is set to happen on June 2 but what the top features to watch out for on the upcoming Apple flagship phone?
Apple Inc.

Apple to Make Big Announcements on June 2

At the same time last year, Apple had unveiled its latest desktop OS version, the OS X Mavericks, as well as an update to its mobile counterpart, the iOS 7.

iPhone 6 Screen Production to Begin this May

Apple has been under “increasing pressure” to innovate the gadget industry, as what the company has done in the past during Steve Jobs' tenure.
iPhone 6 mock-up

Leaked iPhone 6 Photos Show Oddly Protruding Camera?

Newly leaked photos of the next generation iPhone show that the device might be coming with an iPod Touch-like camera.
Microsoft Office

Office for iPad: Microsoft to Release Apps for Apple Tablets Next Week

Microsoft will be calling a press event next week to announce an iPad-compatible version of Office.
Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

The Macbook Pro 2014 seems to be touch-enabled laptop.

Apple patent details reveal touch-activated features for MacBook models.
ios on gamepop

Final Fantasy 6 iOS Release Date; What to Expect From the Iconic Video Game

Every true-blue RPG fan would have been hooked on a Final Fantasy game at one point or another. To many, the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series is viewed as the mother of all RPGs and with good reason.
MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Secures Patent for Two-Sided, Solar-Powered Laptop

There are rumors that the Cuppertino tech giant is working on a new laptop with a two-sided display, rear touch sensors, solar panels and other technological marvels that will leave tech mavericks jumping up and down.
Laurene Powell

Laurene Powell, Steve Jobs' Widow, Has a New Relationship With Former Washington Mayor

Two years after the death of Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple, his ex-wife, Laurene Powell, is back on the spotlight, this time due to her romance with former Washington mayor Adrian Fenty.
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